Saturday, November 28, 2009


Lynxes are very cool carnivores.Lynx eat mice,squirrels,and birds but their favorite meal are Snowshoe Hare.Lynx breed in early spring or late winter and about two months later the female gives birth to a litter of 1-4.Lynxes are mammals so that means their young do not hatch from an egg. Lynx hunt at night so they are rarely seen by humans.The lynx is a cat that hunts the northern forests of North America, Europe, and Asia. Very little lynx survive in Europe but when they do lynx are mostly bigger than the ones that live in North America. Lynx have very good hearing thanks to their tufts on their ears.The tufts act as hearing aids to help them hear.Not only do lynx have great hearing but also they have very keen eyesight.They can see a mouse from about 250 feet away. Lynx are endangered because hunters hunt them for their beautiful fur.

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