Monday, October 29, 2007

blue marlin

Blue marlin are the most tropical of all marlins but are distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian and Pacific Oceans; a single stock is assumed for each ocean. In the Atlantic, blue marlin range from New England to Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Uruguay; in the Pacific, the are seen from southern California (rarely) to Chile and Hawaii. In common with striped marlin, they are rarely encountered in shallow nearshore waters, preferring blue, oceanic waters. The blue marlin is the largest of the marlins, common to 11 feet, and known to exceed 2,000 pounds. Blue marlin feed primarily on tunas and other pelagic fishes and to a lesser extent on young reef fishes and squid. It is difficult to find a blue marlin over 10 years old, however they are believed to live up to 15 years.


Anonymous said...

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