Thursday, October 4, 2007

leopard seal

A layer of blubber provides a warm insulation from icy waters for the seals. The female leopard seal is larger then the male. Adult females are about 5 percent longer than the males and are 13 percent heavier then the males. They are awsome swimmers and hunters. They have a muscular body and are armed with savage teeth and powerful jaws. It is the only seal that normally eats warm blooded animals including penguins and other seals. It moves akwardly on land and icefloats. The leopard seal ranges from the fringes of Antarcticas packice in the summer, north torwards the coast of South America, South Africa and Australlia in the winter. The leopard seal eats krill, fish, squid, penguins, other seabirds and young seals. They have 1 baby. Their gestation period is 9 months, plus 3 months from delayed implantation. Their breeding time is November to February. They live for 25 years.

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